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$75 for Free Shipping on Pads and Permanent Frame Merv 8 – 1 year supply!

  • Pad-n-Frame Merv 8

The Fine Print

After purchase contact the main office (919-777-9777) with specific sizes for your home.
We will automatically enroll you in our filter reminder program.
Refills are available in packs of 12 at a cost of $49 per year.
Total Available: Unlimited
Maximum per Order: 9
Free Shipping is to one address only.
Minimum Number Sold (Tipping point) (if any): 1


  • The least expensive way to filter air.
  • Eliminates the hassle and expense of shopping for and disposing of bulky filters.
  • Initial order includes frame and an annual supply (12) of media inserts.
  • Permanent frame will not corrode or deteriorate.
  • Permanent frame is unconditionally warranted for the lifetime of the original purchaser.
  • Anti-microbial media inserts inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria in the media.
  • Available in standard and all non-standard sizes up to 24X30 inches.


 DURABLE – Constructed of space age plastics. Resistant to corrosion, oxidation and deterioration.
 EASILY INSTALLED – Simply remove old filter and replace with the A+2000 permanent frame.
 ONE-TIME PURCHASE – Unconditional warranty for the lifetime of the original purchaser.
 MOVING? – Manufacturer will re-size frame when moving to a new location requiring a different size.
 AVAILABILITY – Custom sizes available at no additional cost.
 CONVENIENT – Forget the trouble and expense of traveling to a retail outlet to purchase air filters. An
A+2000 Permanent Frame and an annual supply of filter inserts will be included in your initial order. With
the automatic replacement notification option you will receive an annual supply of your chosen inserts
annually. You’ll ever be without a clean air filter again.
 ECONOMICAL – Studies show that disposable inserts and permanent frames are the most economical way
to filter air.
 EFFICIENT – More efficient in capturing particles, such as dust, ragweed, pollen, etc., from the air stream,
than standard furnace filters purchased at retail outlets.
 ANTI-MICROBIAL – Air filters have been identified as a prime breeding ground for many types of
microorganisms due to the surface area, nutrients, temperatures and moisture they provide for reproduction
and survival. The A+2000 anti-microbial agents are effective in reduction of a broad range of
microorganisms – including mold, mildew, fungi, yeast and gram positive and gram negative bacteria.
 EASILY STORED – Filtering inserts are shipped in an easily stored packet.
 EASY DISPOSAL – Can be disposed of in a trash compactor or trash receptacle.